To not display the matches on your documents, you have to check the corresponding box in Settings > Accounting (“Do not display matches on documents”).

That’s for new documents. If you want to apply this on the invoices you already created, you can click on the – (minus) button next to the job in the invoice concerned. The system will then recalculate the number of words using you full rate (No Match). We know it can be confusing so here’s an example:

Let's say you have to translate 200 words, with 100 words No Match (0%) and 100 words 100% match.

If you choose not to display the matches for this job, the invoice will be as follows:

The number of words is now 150 (instead of 200) because the system calculated that 100 words @ €0,05 equals 50 words @ €0,10. So based on your full rate (€0,10), your job counts 150 words.

Then, when generating the PDF document, you'll have only one line (of 150 words) for this job.

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