To know how you can manage your outsourcing expenses, please read:

You can manage your expenses under 'Accounting' in the main menu.

In, you have to classify your various expenses under labels (to be defined by you). To manage your labels, you can go to 'Settings' > 'Labels', and you can also add new labels directly in the 'Expenses' tab when adding an expense.

Classifying your expenses under labels will allow you to get clear reports of how you spend your money.

When you create an expense, it comes in your list of expenses, with the corresponding label. This list also shows the date of the expense, if it was paid (and when) and the amount. By default, all expenses will be defined as already paid. You can use the buttons on the right to edit the expense, delete it or upload the receipt of this expense. To define an expense as unpaid or to change the payment date, click on the little pencil on the right.

When you upload a document for the expense, the name of this document appears below the name of the expense. That's where you can also see the notes you might have written concerning the expense.

The arrow button allows you to archive the selected expenses.

The green icon next to the name of an expense indicates that it is linked to a specific job (this means that this expense is an outsourcing expense). You can click on this icon to open the job concerned.

Below the amount of an expense, you can see the taxes applied to the expense and/or the exchange rate (icon with the two arrows). Please note that when creating an expense, you have to enter the amount of the taxes applied to the expense (and not a percentage).

And of course, you can always use the filters to find what you're looking for in this list of expenses.

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