First of all, you can put your logo on your documents. See Settings > Account. Your name and address should be defined in the Details field under Settings > Accounting.

Then, you can choose among different document templates under Settings > Document templates. You can also define a color for your templates and some other lay-out options.

You can also add your Terms and a footer on your documents. For that, you have to go in Settings > Document and email configuration > you select the right configuration > you go in the Terms and Footer tab of this configuration. You can format the text as you wish (with bold, italics, columns, etc.)

You can also define a footer for each document and define that you want to display the terms on a separate page. You can also copy the terms from another document.

You can use your own letterhead paper on your documents, see this article:

And you can adapt the margins in your documents, see this article:

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