If you have worked hard on the branding and design of your company’s documents by creating a customized letterhead paper with your own logo and colors, you probably want to keep using this template after you switched to LSP.expert. 

Under Settings > Document templates, you can upload a PDF file (your template) to be used for the documents you create with LSP.expert. First, you have to click on "Click here to configure advanced options for your documents".

The following options will then be displayed:

You then have to click on "Upload new letterhead paper" to upload your PDF document. Once your document is uploaded, you will clearly see your template appear in the interface:

Depending on how your template is designed, you may have to adapt the margins of the documents to make sure the design doesn't cover the text. You can do that just below your template:

When you add a template or adapt a margin, you see that the previews of your documents are updated in real time, so you know exactly what you documents will look like when you create them in LSP.expert.

All your next documents will then be created using the letterhead paper you uploaded.

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