For every friend who becomes an user thanks to you, you will receive an amount of money equivalent to 2 months of a monthly subscription. It means you can earn an average of €30 for every friend who joins.

How does it work?

1. Register to our Affiliate Program under Settings > Affiliate Program. You will have to read and agree to the Terms of Service of our Affiliate program. 

2. You will receive a unique link to share with your friends. When they click on it, a cookie will be stored in their browser (for a period of 30 days).

3. If a friend registers for a free trial during the next 30 days, your affiliation is validated.

4. If this friend takes a subscription to (even long after the trial period), you will receive an email telling you that you can invoice us an amount equivalent to 2 months of a monthly subscription.

5. You send us the invoice and we pay you!

Once you're an affiliate, you have access (under Settings > Affiliate Program) to a dashboard with:

  • The number of users who clicked on your link

  • The number of active affiliate users (people that did not take a subscription to yet but who are active on the website at that moment)

  • The number of users registered (who are in their trial period of

  • The number of users you converted

  • The amount your earned thanks to your referrals

  • The amount we already paid to you

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