In, you can save as many filters as you wish to easily reuse them later and switch from one filter to another.

To apply one of them, just click on it. To 'unapply' all the filters (so to return to the unfiltered view), click on 'View all'.

You can save filters for each page and each report in

Once you've applied a filter, click on 'Save filter' to save this filter.

If it's a new filter, the system will ask you to give a name to this filter:

If you are modifying an existing filter, the system will ask you if you would like to update the existing filter or create a new filter:

You can change the names of your filters and delete them under Settings > Filters. To do that, you first have to select a page or report in the system.
In each page or report, the saved filters are displayed like this. 

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