When you send an email using LSP.expert, it is sent from mail@lsp.expert. When the recipient hits Reply, his/her email is sent to your own email address. 

But we also offer an integration with your SMTP server. By connecting LSP.expert to your SMTP server, the emails will be sent from your own email address and stored in your own ‘Sent’ mail folder.

To connect your SMTP server to your LSP.expert account, you have to go to Settings > Integration, and click on 'Connect to my SMTP server.

LSP.expert will then ask you your SMTP credentials.

In the future, every time you will send an email using LSP.expert, the email will be sent from your SMTP server, and the email will be stored in your 'Sent' folder.

Please note that when you link your LSP.expert account to your SMTP server, you won't receive a copy of the emails you send with LSP.expert anymore (because you will find these emails in your 'Sent' folder), and you won't be able to track whether a user received, opened or read your email.

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