Next to your list of jobs, there is a list of all the groups you created in You can access this list by clicking on the Groups tab at the top of the list of jobs:

When you click on this tab, you arrive in a list containing all your groups (thus not containing all the other 'isolated' jobs that are not part of a group). This list of groups is very similar to the general list of jobs, with the statuses, the progress, the amounts, the filters and everything. The only thing that is missing is the time tracking icon, because the time can't be tracked at the group level, but for each job separately. This can be done in the details of the group.

When you click on a group in the list, you arrive in the details of this group:

What can you do in this screen?

  1. You can give a name/change the name of the group by clicking on the pencil icon on the right. This will also allow you to choose a color for the group:

2. You can add labels for the group by clicking on the corresponding link below the name of the group.

3. The Actions button on the right offers you various options for the jobs in the group.

4. You can edit the status, due date, PM and PO number of the group by clicking on the pencil icon on the right. Note that the system will adapt the general status of the group based on the statuses of the jobs in it. E.g. if all the jobs are marked as Finished, except one job that is still 'In progress', the status of the group will be 'In progress'. The due date of the group is also calculated automatically based on the due dates of the jobs in the group (the due date will be the due date furthest in the future among the due dates of the jobs in the group). This is what you get when you click on the pencil icon:

You see that you can also untick the due date option if you would like to manually define a due date.

5. There is a general progress bar for the group, which is an average of the progresses you defined for the jobs in the group.

6. You have the details of the jobs in the group, with their individual due date and status. The little clock allows you to track the time for each job.

7. At the bottom, you can see your profitability for the group and the budget of the group, if you defined one.


Article about the profitability:

Article about how to define a budget for a group:

8. The Internal notes field is meant for all the things you have to remember about the group. The notes you put in this field won't appear on any document you create with

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