Yes, you can invoice as many jobs as you wish, whether they concern the same client or different clients.

When you're in your list of jobs, you simply have to select all the jobs you would like to invoice and click on the arrow > Invoice selected jobs.

The system will then open a window containing all the invoices you just created. You can click on the green icon on the right to open these invoices in a new tab. All these invoices will be added to your list of invoices.

If you defined some jobs as "non-billable":
Some jobs can be defined as “non-billable”, meaning that no estimate will be calculated and that these jobs won’t appear on any invoices. In the job details, there is an option to define the job as non-billable.

You can use this functionality to accelerate your invoicing process even more: simply select all the jobs from your list (all of them!) and invoice everything in a click using the “Invoice selected jobs” button. Thanks to the « non-billable » option, the system will know which jobs don’t have to be included in an invoice.

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