When you create an invoice, the system will give it the number 001 by default and increment this number for the next invoices.

But you can change it manually:

  • if you want the numbers to begin at a certain point (e.g. you already created 20 invoices with another tool before using LSP.expert, so you want the first LSP.expert invoice to be No. 21)

  • if you want to add the year (e.g. 2017-035)

  • if you want to add your name or something else in the invoice number

  • etc.

To change the invoice number manually, you have to click on Actions > Edit invoice details when you're in an invoice.

Please note that the system will do its best to increment the numbers correctly. If you define 2017-0035, it will of course name the next invoice 2017-0036. But if you defined 0035-2017, for example, it may increment it to 0035-2018, so make sure the number to be incremented it at the end.

Also, if you change an invoice number to add the name of the client in it (e.g. Babel Translations - 2017-0035), please note that the system will keep the name of this client in the next invoices you create, even if they concern other clients (because it only increments the number).

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