You can easily create a credit note based on an invoice in When you're in an invoice, you have to click on 'Delete' and select 'With a credit note'.

You'll then arrive in the credit note screen, where you can edit the details of the credit note (and manually change its number format if you wish) and where you can edit the jobs to be comprised in this credit note (using the icons on the right of each line).

You can send this credit note by email by clicking on Actions > Email credit note. You'll arrive in the sending screen where you can edit the text of the email, the name of the PDF file (by clicking on the pencil) and the recipients of the email.

If you want to edit the generic text of the emails you send using, you have to go in Settings > Document and email configuration > you select the configuration concerned > Emails tab.

You can also add up to 2 default attachments (your terms and conditions, for example) to the emails you send with, by clicking on "Upload an attachment" (see screenshot above). These attachments will be automatically sent with all the emails you send through

Your credit note will also appear in your list of invoices with a red icon next to it.

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