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LSP.expert offers an import functionality, allowing you to import data from Excel using the template we created.

To import data into LSP.expert, you have to go to Settings > Import. You can import your list of clients, suppliers and jobs.

  1. Download the Excel template (that's the file you will have to fill in with your data).

  2. Fill in this file, but make sure you respect the layout of it. So don't add or remove columns, for example, otherwise the import won't work.

  3. Once you're done, upload your filled in file by using the corresponding button under Settings > Import.

  4. The system will tell you if the import generated errors and show you these errors so you can correct them.

If you're using LSP.expert V1

For that, you have to go in Settings > Import. You can import your list of clients and your jobs and invoices. You have to respect the layout of our .csv sample file to be able to import your data. You can download this file and fill it in with your data, or you can adapt your own Excel file so that it matches our sample file.

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