When a supplier sends a job back, you can rate his/her work by adding an evaluation. This will allow you to find the best suppliers for all your jobs in the future.

Define evaluation criteria

You can choose the criteria you want to use to evaluate your suppliers. For that, you have to go to Settings > Evaluation criteria.

We already added a list of criteria, with a description for each one of them. You can remove (using the bin button) or edit criteria (pencil button), or you can add new criteria to evaluate your suppliers (by clicking on the green button at the top).

Evaluate a supplier

To evaluate a supplier, you have to click on 'Add an evaluation' in the details of the outsourcing concerned. In this case, the evaluation will be linked to this outsourcing in particular. Note: To be able to add an evaluation from the outsourcing screen, the outsourcing has to be defined as Finished or Ready for review (the work of the supplier needs to be finished for you to rate it).
You can also add an evaluation from the Evaluations tab of the supplier, but in this case the evaluation won't be linked to an outsourcing in particular.

In the details of the outsourcing:

In the Evaluations tab of the supplier under People > Suppliers:

You arrive in the evaluation screen, where you can find all the criteria you defined under Settings > Evaluation criteria. You can evaluate the work of the supplier for each of these criteria by using stars. The little 'i' next to each criterium contains the description of the criterium. You can also untick the criteria of your choice if they don't apply to this outsourcing in particular and add a comment about the evaluation. When you're done, click on Save.

See the evaluations of a supplier

You can find all the evaluations of a supplier in the Evaluations tab of this supplier. You first see the average evaluation of the supplier (so an average of all the stars you added in all the evaluations for this supplier), and then (at the bottom) all the previous evaluations you created for the supplier.

If an evaluation is linked to a job, you can click on the 'View' link to see the job in question.

Select a supplier for an outsourcing based on his/her rating

You can sort the list of suppliers for an outsourcing based on the rating of the suppliers by clicking on the arrow next to the column title 'Evaluation'. The suppliers with the best average evaluation will then appear first.

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