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How can I manage CAT tool matches for my suppliers?
How can I manage CAT tool matches for my suppliers?

You can easily define matches for your suppliers.

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➡️ If you're using V1, click here.

You can define general CAT tool matches (with a price) for all your suppliers, and then define separate matches for specific suppliers if you don't want to apply the general matches for them.

So first of all, you have to go and define generic CAT tool matches for all your suppliers under Settings > Prices > Suppliers. Click on 'Add a new price'.

In the popup that opens, you can define the service, the unit, the unit cost and the currency for the new price you're creating. And it's also in this screen that you can add matches for this price.

So, you define all your matches for this price by clicking each time on 'Add match'. You can also select an option to define matches as percentages (e.g. if the price for Fuzzy matches is 50% of the full rate).

Once you're done, click on Add. You will be able to select this price with the corresponding matches for all your suppliers when outsourcing jobs to them.

If you wish to apply different matches and different prices for a supplier in particular, you can go and define a new service with matches for this supplier. For this, click on the Services and prices tab of the supplier (under Suppliers). You can then add a new service from scratch or import a service from another supplier or a service from the general services you defined under Settings > Prices > Suppliers (and of course edit it before saving it for the supplier).

You will see there is an option to add a price for this new service you create. In this case, you have to select it and define a price for the service, other wise the system will use the general prices you defined under Settings, which exactly what you don't want to do it you wish to apply another price for this supplier. Also, selecting that option is what will allow you to enter matches for the supplier.

When you outsource a job to this supplier, the system will apply the specific price you defined at the supplier level if it finds a price in the details of the supplier. Otherwise, it will use your general prices.

If you're using V1

Once you created the supplier under People > Suppliers, you have to go in the Services tab (on the left).

There, you enter the services provided by this supplier and you click on the "Update matches" button, on the right.

You define all the matches applied by the supplier and you click on the Save button.

You then go in the job concerned to outsource it (using the "Outsourcing" tab on the left). You select the supplier in the list and, when you arrive in the outsourcing details of the job, click on Edit matches > Matches (or "Matches from a CAT tool analysis").

That's where you can define the matches for the job, by selecting the match category and defining the number of words (or lines or another unit) for each category.

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