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Can I duplicate a job?
Can I duplicate a job?

Jobs can be copied easily in

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➡️ If you're using V1, click here.

You can duplicate any job you want by using Actions > Duplicate when you're in the details of the job, or by clicking on the three dots at the end of the line in your list of jobs. This can be useful, for example, if you have a translation job and you wish to create a revision job containing the same data (only a different service).

Whatever option you choose (from the job itself or from the list of jobs), the system will open a popup in which all the data from the copied job are already filled in (but you can of course change it before saving the copy of the job).

If you wish to put the new job in a group with the job you first duplicated, don't forget to toggle the corresponding option in this popup.

To know more about the grouping functionality, see this article: 

If you're using V1

Yes, you can duplicate any job you want using the Duplicate button at the job level.

You can use the Duplicate button to add the duplicated job to a new group or to create a dependency. (If the job you want to duplicate already belongs to a group, you will also have the possibility to add the duplicated job to the group.)

If you choose to duplicate the job alone, the system will then ask you who's the client for the copied job and the name you want to give to this new job.

If you choose to duplicate the job and create a new group, you will be asked to define a name and a service for the duplicated job.

Then, once in the duplicated job, you will see (on the left under the job name) that a group has been created along with the duplicated job (you can view the group details by clicking on the name of the group).

If you choose to duplicate the job and create a dependency, the duplicated job will become a dependency of the job you're duplicating.

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