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You can also automatically import matches from a CAT tool analysis file into LSP.expert. To know how, see this article: http://help.lsp.expert/en/articles/971875-can-i-automatically-import-the-matches-from-a-cat-tool-analysis-file-into-lsp-expert

The first thing you have to do is to define the specific match categories and their rate. You can do that for each client separately in the Prices tab of the client (use the "Add a match" button" when creating a new price or editing an existing one)...

... Or you can define general prices and match categories for all your clients under Settings > Prices > Clients.

To add a match category, select the category in the dropdown menu and define a rate for this category. If you don't have any match categories yet in your dropdown menu, click on the little + and add it. Then, repeat this step for each match category.

After saving, a green icon next to the unit cost in the Prices tab of a client indicates that you defined matches for this price.

Once you've defined your match categories and their rate for your clients, you can start adding matches to your jobs. You can do that in the job creation popup by clicking on "Add match" or in an existing job by editing the Overview panel of the job and clicking on "Add match". Just select a match category and define the corresponding quantity, then click again on Add match to add another match category, and so on.

(You can also directly add match categories in a job by clicking on the little + button, but then the system will by default use your full rate for this match category, and you will have to go and update it in the Prices tab of the client.)

After clicking on Save, the system will display the estimate for the job calculated based on the match categories you defined.

Please note that the matches will appear in your documents. If you don't want to display the matches in your documents, see this article: https://help.lsp.expert/en/articles/1073922-how-not-to-display-matches-on-my-documents.

If you're using LSP.expert V1

The first thing you have to do is to define the specific matches and their price for each one of your clients (People > Clients > Services > 'Update matches' button on the right, the button with the three lines).

Once you've clicked on the 'Update matches' button, you can select or add (by clicking on the +) matches and define their price.

This is what it looks like when you added matches:

Then you can add matches to a job. For that, click on Edit matches > Matches when you're in the job.

You can now start entering the matches applicable to this job and their number of words. The system will calculate in real time an income estimate (on the left) using the prices you defined at the client level for each match.

After you entered all the matches, click on Done.

Please note that the matches will appear on the invoice.

You can also automatically import the matches from a CAT tool analysis file into LSP.expert, see this article: http://help.lsp.expert/en/articles/971875-can-i-automatically-import-the-matches-from-a-cat-tool-analysis-file-into-lsp-expert

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