To know how to use all the functionalities of the Supplier portal, have a look at this article:

To close a job in the Supplier portal, the supplier first has to select and upload the finished files by clicking on "Upload files from your computer". When the supplier uploads a file, a cloud icon with an arrow pointing up appears next to the file, to indicate that this file has been added by the supplier:

After the finished files have been uploaded, the supplier has to click on the green "I'm done" button in the portal. He/she will arrive in a screen where he/she can add comments for the client:

Then, the supplier has to click on "Close the job". Once a job is closed, the supplier cannot upload files anymore, but he/she can still download the files related to the job and the PO (if marked as Sent by the client). Here is what it looks like when a job has been closed:

When the supplier is done...

You get an email informing you when a supplier closes a job:

You can see the files that have been uploaded by the supplier (little cloud with an arrow pointing up) in the Outsourcing tab of the job: 

The files can also be found in the Files tab of the job.

In the details of the outsourcing, the job switched to "Ready for review", and you can see the comment of the supplier by hovering your mouse over the little icon next to the status:

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